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Unfortunately CookHaunt2103 is cancelled


we are not running in 2103 - (but we hope to be running in 2014)



Q. Why has CookHaunt2103 been CANCELLED?

A. We are a very busy family of 7 with WAY too many things on our schedules and we simply just ran out of time this year to put on an excellent haunt. We also did not have enough committed volunteers to handle the planned expanded haunt without killing ourselves and the economy was also a factor - for everyone.

So basically time, help, resources, and money put the nail in our coffin this year. We are all really bummed because we were all really looking forward to enjoying Halloween on Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday night this year - but something had to go and unfortunately CookHaunt2103 got the AXE!


Check our links page for other local haunts (here) or if you operate a haunt in Orange County please email us with the details and we will link to your haunt (here)!


We hope to see YOU and all of your friends next year for CookHaunt! Thanks.. Dave, Ian, Heather, Summer, Daniel, Faith, Hanna, Shane, Adam, Tim, Melissa, Joe, Brooke, Candy, Big Eddie, The Clowns, and the rest of the CookHaunt Crew! (Dead AND Alive!)


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